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Daystar Brochures
Brochures are back! Save money today. Many sizes to choose from. Quantities as low as 250.
Business Cards
Full color business cards made inexpensive and easy.
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DaystarMG.com is now offering custom stickers at very affordable prizes. We have everything from stickers for albums to bumper stickers.

Right now, to introduce our stickers to you, we're offering 1000 business card sized, full color stickers for only $85.

Contact us today for more info.

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Welcome to the new website for Daystar Productions, LLC. We specialize in duplication. That's our focus. We also have full service studios in Knoxville, TN featuring audio/music, video, web/multimedia, photography, and artist support. We know what you need because we listen.


Providing great products and naked celebrities services in today's market means staying on the cutting edge of technology AND customer service... so that you are happy.


Over the next few weeks, we will be adding new features help our customers. Soon you will be able to place your orders online. If you haven't created a login, please do. This will enable us to keep in touch with you better. Stay tuned for great features and great specials!


If you need CD or DVD  duplication or replication, contact us today to get started. Our family of companies also provides print work such as posters, business cards, post cards and brochures. Let our creatives get started on your project today.

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Want to be sure your graphics are ready to print? This article can help eliminate many of the issues we could run into.

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